Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OCM: Oil Cleansing Method

For the past week I have been doing the Oil Cleansing Method and so far so good with the results.  I have been hearing so much about this and just decided to do some research before getting started.  For the past year or so I have been using Aveeno face wash and following up with my Oil of Olay  moisturizer, I loved the Aveeno and no one could take away the Olay, but I think I am giving them up, I surely won't be missing paying that hefty price for them.  The one reason I liked the Aveeno was that the cleansing pads have a scrubbing side and I would notice that I would have alot of whiteheads around my chin and nose and have to make sure to scrub those away.  But since using the OCM I have no  whiteheads that I have to go back and scrub away and my skin has been so super soft and not even dry feeling.  I do this method every other day and only add my moisturizer, which is mango butter, when I feel the need.  I don't have bad or problem skin besides the little whiteheads and the occassional blemish when it is "that time", so I was not looking for a cure just something a little more natural and cheaper, plus I am not going out of my way to buy the oils cause I use them in my hair anyways so they are always here.
Here are a few websites that I visited to find out more information:
The Oil Cleansing Method , Simple Mom, and Nitty Gritty on the oil cleansing method

OCM consists of using castor oil and another carrier oil (Olive Oil being the most popular) to cleanse the face giving you clear soft skin, reducing blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and cysts.   Castor oil is the main cleanser in the mix, it is an anti inflammatory oil with healing and cleansing properties, because of its high potency and thickness is should be used with another lighter oil, your skin type will determine how much oil you will use in your mix.  I found that most of the mixtures were the same on different sites but you can mix accordingly.
Oily skin:  3 parts castor oil, 1 part carrier oil
Normal skin: equal parts castor oil and carrier oil
Dry skin: 1 part castor oil, 3 parts carrier oil

My skin is normal so I mixed the equal parts of the the oils together and even added a little Jojoba oil  to mine.  I have been very pleased with the results, at first I was skeptical, how in the world could oil clean my skin but I gave it a try anyways following the directions as it was.
1.  I massage the oil into my face making sure to get my neck also.
2.  I take a hot towel and lay it across my face until it gets cool, I do that 3 times then take the warm towel and gently wipe the rest of the oil away. This process opens the pores and draws out dirt and other impurities.
3.  Then I take my hands and cup cold water onto  my face closing the pores back up.
4.  Add moisturizer if you want, mine of choice is just a little but of mango butter.
In the morning I just wipe my sleepy eyes and then I am good to go.

Of course I have to post pictures of my baby smooth skin and whiteheadless chin that has not had to be scrubbed in several days.
up by my lip I had terrible whiteheads and had
to make sure to scrub there and the 
bottom of my lip. Not a whitehead in sight.

Seriously, take a look at that baby soft skin, 
I love it. And no this photo 
has not been altered.

Give it a try and see if you like it, if you already use it let me know how you like it.
Happy Cleansing!!!

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