Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blogger issues making me blue

I am having some serious Blogger issues and they are making me more than blue...
I can't seem  to leave comments on blogs if the comment box is posted under the post but if it is a pop up window it works well.  I also am noticing that when looking at other blogs I follow the page is showing that I am not signed in and apparently I am cause I am trying to leave a comment.  And third, I don't know if my followers are able to leave me a comment, if not please shoot me an email and say something to the effect of  "hey girl, can't leave a comment." 
This problem keeps coming and going and I don't know why but it is very frustrating for me.  If somebody knows what to do please help.

I hate not being able to leave comments on some of my favorite blogs :(


K.D. said...

Hey girl, I just left you a comment on another post. So I'm proof that you're comments are fine. ;-)

naturallady said...

Thanks so much, the problem has to be with my computer, it started working fine then when I added the buttons on myvpage it started acting up again. I can only comment from my phone. I will try removibg buttons and see what that does.

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