Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday reading review: The Help

So it is not Tuesday but I was really busy yesterday and this morning with playdates with the girls I am just doing a book review.

I decided to do a review on this book since the move is coming out August 11, I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.  This movie comes out in the middle of the week but I just may sacrifice some rest and go see it. I read this book back in November, it was the first book I purchased on my Kindle after hearing great reviews from my cousin and stepmom who are also avid readers, they surely did not steer me wrong on this one.  
This book is set in Jackson, Mississippi in 1962, a time where black women were "The Help" in alot of white houses, well now, a young white college girl named Skeeter decides she wants to write a book about what really goes on in these houses and it just goes from there.  It is not one of those sad treating black people bad  back in the day books, it is actually funnny and I couldn't put it down.  The book follows Aibileen and Minny and their thoughts as they take care of house, each one narrates their own chapter about what really goes on in the homes and I promise you could almost hear their southern voices, or either pretend you are southern  and try reading like that...yes I did find myself doing that some, don't judge me.
The homeowners who are upper class white ladies in the story are also Skeeters good friends and when they start reading the book and wondering if it is really about them they start having hissy fits
I recommend this book to anyone of all races, it is just and exceptional read and I know you will find it entertaining.
Amazon: $13.70
Kindle: $9.99

Great read, I give this 5*****
I may read it again...
Check out the trailer for the movie

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naturallady said...

So while this book is funny at times there are some real issues, especially while Aibileen and Minny try to keep their self respect. Very touching book about true friendship.

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